As untimely as they often are, clogged drains wreak havoc on any residential or commercial plumbing system. Kitchen drains run slower as detergents and grease build up on the inner walls of pipes. Bathroom drains suffer the same fate, aided by soaps, toothpastes, hair and other grimes, and basement or wash rooms find their traps filled with dirt and debris. Whether it’s the basement, the bathroom or the kitchen, if you’re in need of some help clearing a clogged drain, look no further than TJ’s Plumbing & Heating. Our expert staff is here to inspect, clear or repair damage from unwanted blockages, and can make sure to get your water draining quickly and smoothly. When it comes to drain cleaning, when snaking won’t finish the job, we use a pressurized hydrojetting water system to clear your pipes of the toughest blockages – even solid tree and plant roots, without using potentially harmful chemicals. It’s just one of the safe and effective tools in our kit to make sure you get the right solution to your problem. Snaking, jetting, inspection and more, from breaking down and cleaning drainage pipes to clearing out downspouts, the gang at TJ’s is here not only to restore proper drainage, but also to assist with repairing any leak repairs or damage caused by broken pipes or flooding. So whether your water is draining slowly, or you’re staring at standing water, give us a call. You’ll be glad you did!
  • Chemical-free drain cleaning
  • Hydrojetting equipment
  • Sewer inspection via Camera System
  • Wet basement solutions
  • Yard drainage
  • Gutter drainage
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