Friday 07.21 2017

What are the most efficient thermostat levels for the summer?

The summer is upon us! It’s time to hit the pool, the beach, the boat or relax under a nice shady tree with a great book. But sometimes the summer can also bring hot and muggy days. The days where it’s tough to breathe and walking to mailbox makes you feel like you just swam […]

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Wednesday 07.12 2017

It’s Not the Heat…It’s the Humidity

The summer in our area can bring amazing weather. It can also bring with it some amazingly hot and sticky weather. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.” In our area of the country we can have a tough battle with high humidity which leaves us feeling hot, muggy […]

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Thursday 06.29 2017

Keep Cool – Why You Should Tune Up

Do you really need to get your air conditioning serviced by the professional? The short answer is yes. But here’s a bit of detail on why it’s so important: It’s not a DIY project. Unlike many other home projects that you can tackle, your HVAC system is complicated and should only be handled by certified […]

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Tuesday 04.25 2017

What is a smart thermostat and can it save me money?

Do you remember the movie franchise Back to the Future? Our good friend Marty McFly traveled to the future in a DeLorean. He went from the year 1985 to the year 2015—and boy did things change! There were flying cars everywhere. Kids were riding all over on real hover boards (not the ones that start […]

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Monday 04.03 2017

Tired of Dry Air in Your Home? Here’s How a Humidifier Helps

Dry, itchy skin. Constant sore and irritated throat. Static electricity that won’t seem to stop. That nagging cough that won’t go away. It’s been a long winter. Even though the temperatures are beginning to warm just a bit, the nights are still cool and your house is still dry. Why is the air so dry […]

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Tuesday 03.28 2017

Another Satisfied Customer –

We just recieved this touching note from one our clients in Forestville. Thanks so much for the kind words Alayna! Dear TJ, My name is Alayna S.. I live in Forestville NY. I wanted to inform you of the fantastic and exceptionally good service from Josh, Kyle, and James of the Falconer/Jamestown NY office offered […]

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Tuesday 02.28 2017

Another Happy Customer: “A positive experience.”

Thanks for the kind words Jeffrey; we are happy we could help! “Recently had some plumbing/carpentry work done on my home by your company. I was so impressed by the quality of the service I received, thought I would send you a message. Your guys, in particular Kyle, were just wonderful. In days of poor […]

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Sunday 09.18 2016

Tankless Water Heaters – Your Endless Supply of Hot Water!

Believe it or not, winter will be here before you know.  And what’s better than jumping into a nice hot—and long—shower or bath on a cold day? Just about nothing! The only challenge is that with traditional water heaters, that “long” hot shower can turn into a “short” hot shower followed by a cool blast […]

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Friday 08.05 2016

4 Ways to Make Your Air Conditioner More Efficient

Wow, it’s been a record setting summer for Southwestern New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania. We’ve seen a lack of rain and an abundance of heat and humidity. We’ve also seen utility bills skyrocket as we try to keep our homes cool and comfortable. While you try to combat the heat, there are some things you […]

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Saturday 07.30 2016

What’s the root cause?

Picture this … you were treated to a nice thunderstorm last night with the thunder and rain stopping right before it was time to hit the hay. You wake up in the morning and it’s a bright, sunny day and everything smells fresh. You grab your morning coffee and then remember you need to throw […]

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