Friday 06.29 2018

Keep Cool – Why You Should Tune Up

Do you really need to get your air conditioning serviced by the professional? The short answer is yes. But here’s a bit of detail on why it’s so important:

  1. It’s not a DIY project.
    Unlike many other home projects that you can tackle, your HVAC system is complicated and should only be handled by certified professionals. Not only could working on your system void your warranty, it could put you in harm’s way. With high voltages and currents involved, it could be dangerous for an untrained person to attempt.
  2. Extend the life of the unit.
    Many air conditioning units can last 15-20 years, when serviced. But some parts can wear out quicker than others. Having your unit serviced helps ensure that the unit is running at peak efficiency throughout its full life-cycle.
  3. Air flow measurement.
    Low air flow can drastically cut the efficiency of your unit and prevent that nice cool air from cooling you off! A trained professional can measure that flow and identify any issues. One common issue is that a clogged air filter can restrict this flow. If limited air is reaching your coils it could be a simple fix to get the cool air flowing.
  4. Keep your warranty intact.
    As mentioned above, using a professional can help keep your warranty intact! People that try to service their own system or neglect regular check-ups can void their warranty and lead to costly repairs or replacement in the future.
  5. Peace of mind.
    Nothing is worse than having your air conditioner break down in the middle of the hottest August heat wave on record! Having a professional take the time to adjust and tune your system will save you a huge headache in the long run and keep you worry-free all summer.

Want to make sure you stay cool this entire summer?

Contact the HVAC professionals at TJ’s Plumbing and Heating. Our air conditioning experts will help make sure your system is running at peak efficiency and make sure you don’t run into any issues this summer.



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