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Tired of Dry Air in Your Home? Here’s How a Humidifier Helps

DryAirDry, itchy skin.

Constant sore and irritated throat.

Static electricity that won’t seem to stop.

That nagging cough that won’t go away.

It’s been a long winter. Even though the temperatures are beginning to warm just a bit, the nights are still cool and your house is still dry.

Why is the air so dry when it’s cold outside? 

The short answer, physics.

The longer answer is that colder air can’t hold as much moisture are warm air. All air contains some water molecules that bounce around in a gas state. These molecules can bump into each other and form a grouping that then drop out of the air (moisture). Since cold air can’t hold as many molecules, they don’t bump into each other as often so less moisture is produced.

Enough with the physics lesson, what can I do about it? 

Ok I get it! You might not really care too much about why it’s so dry, you just want to find a solution. Lucky for you, there are some great solutions available!

To help put more moisture back into dry air, there are some temporary solutions and then some more permanent solutions too.  Let’s look more closely at a few:

Boil water on your stove.

This is a pretty simple and easy option. As you boil the water steam will rise and add some moisture into the air. While it’s simple, it also won’t raise the humidity levels throughout the entire house. You might find some temporary relief in and around the kitchen, but it’s not a very effective whole-house solution.

Use a small free-standing humidifier.

You can purchase a free-standing humidifier that you fill with water, plug-in and place in a room. This will release a steady stream of humidity throughout the area it is in.

This will increase the humidity levels in the general vicinity of the unit. It is a relatively inexpensive option, but you will need to buy one for every room of the house and continually fill the water reservoirs. You also can’t easily control the humidity level.

Install a whole-house humidifier.

While a bit more costly initially, a whole-house humidifier offers a humidity solution for the entire home with more control. While the other options might work in a very small area of the home for a limited time, the whole-house humidifier works with your heating system to circulate more comfortable air throughout the entire home.

The whole-house humidifier allows you to choose a comfortable humidity level and ensure that too much moisture isn’t released into the air (which can damage furnishings).

As an added benefit, a steady humidity level throughout the home provides more comfort at lower thermostat temperatures. This allows you to drop the temperature a degree or two. According to the EPA, every degree you lower your thermostat can save 4% in your energy bill!

Stop Dealing with Dry Air – Call TJs Plumbing & Heating Today

So goodbye to dry! The experts at TJs will provide a free estimate and consultation to determine the most effective and efficient system for your home. Contact us today to learn more.


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