Tuesday 03.28 2017

Spring is In The Air – Along with Pollen and Sneeze Inducing Allergens!

Home Air Filtration JamestownEach winter we deal with snow, sleet, blistering cold wind and more. When springtime comes around we can breathe a little easier. That is unless you’re one of the 58 million Americans that deal with allergies each and every spring.

The bad news is that there’s nothing you can do to stop Mother Nature from spewing seemingly endless amounts of pollen and other allergens into the air.  The good news is that you can take some steps to protect yourself indoors.

Here are several HVAC tips to keep the constant sneezing and itchy eyes out of your house!

Don’t ignore indoor air quality!
There is a misconception that spring allergies are worse outdoors. The truth of the matter is that indoor air quality can be 2-5 times worse than outdoors. So unless you take proactive steps to control air quality inside, closing the doors and windows might actually do more harm than good!

Replace your air filter.
If you’re like most people, you probably haven’t changed your air filter since before winter (or worse)! Over the last few months your filter has been trapping all sorts of allergens like mold, dust, dust mites and more. Get in the habit of changing your air filter at least every 60 days and possibly more during high allergen seasons like spring.

Install a Home Ventilation System
The American College of Allergists found that 50% of illnesses are caused or aggravated by poor indoor air quality.  Mold, mildew, dust and more can lurk in your air duct system and can continue to recirculate. A whole house ventilation system replaces that stale and polluted indoor air continually so the contaminated indoor air is replaced and refreshed. This not only helps eliminate pollutants but helps eliminate odors caused by pets and cooking. (Learn more about our HVAC services.)

Clean your A/C evaporator coil.
If water collected and sat in your evaporator coil all fall and winter, it could have produced mold and mildew. Be sure to inspect the area around the evaporator coil. You may even consider installing an ultraviolet lamp near the coil to stop mold growth.

Maintain your HVAC system all year.
It’s easy to take your heating and cooling system for granted – especially if it seems to be working well. But to keep it working well year-round, consider bringing in a professional for routine maintenance and inspection. This minimal expense can save you thousands of dollars in the long-run and help keep allergens at bay.

Want to improve your indoor air-quality? Contact TJ’s Plumbing today!

From routine maintenance to complete system installs, residential to commercial, TJ’s does it all. Contact us today to learn more about our Spring HVAC tune-up services.

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